Global Gates Canada Priority Missionary Needs

From God’s very first assignment to us, “Be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28), to the commission of Jesus to go into all the world and make disciples, it’s clear that you were made to multiply. God has placed a desire within you to do something with your life that will matter for eternity. There is nothing that our broken world needs more than Jesus, and you have a meaningful role to play in helping others come to know him. Yet we face opposition. There is an enemy who uses fear, deception, and distraction to disconnect us from each other and our mission.

Do you sense God calling & leading you to plant your life among unreached people groups (UPGs), whether for a few months, a few years, or longer?

Did you know that nearly 300 UPGs live in the Greater Toronto Area, many of them with very few or no known followers of Jesus or existing church communities?

Are your mind, heart, and will moved by how scandalous it is that Jesus’ name and kingdom are not yet made known and great among all of the UPGs?

God has given each one of us gifts of service, so we all have something to contribute to a team that is making Jesus known among at least one UPG. What is your next step in using your gifts for God’s kingdom and embracing His mission for you?

Global Gates Canada’s most strategic missionary needs to reach these UPGs are described below. All of these roles require missionaries to work with the Lord to raise their own prayer and financial ministry support. You can also view the Global Gates UPG Matrix to identify other unreached people group communities where missionaries are needed. For more information on becoming a Global Gates Canada missionary, visit our “Join Us a Missionary” page.

Please note: at this time we are able to consider applications to serve with Global Gates Canada from only Canadian and USA citizens or residents already living in North America. 

Global Gates Canada

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Resources: The Most Significant Unreached People Groups

Where should Christians prioritize work and prayer to see the least-evangelized peoples in North America reached with the gospel? Below is a list from a working spreadsheet that attempts to determine the most significant unreached people group communities in North American cities where missionaries are needed. The list is sorted using an overall significance score based on a matrix of weighted factors including global status of evangelical Christianity, population size in the city, ministry engagement in the city, same culture Christians in the city, and the global significance of the people group’s presence in the city. To access the working spreadsheet on google docs, click here. Within the spreadsheet, you will see an explanation of the factors above, the weight assigned to each factor, and how the people groups scored for each factor. Feel free to insert comments if you have input on the table’s data to make it better. Also, if you have information (even if incomplete) on an unreached people group in a North American city that should be added, please submit the information through this form (the people group must number at least 5,000 in the city to be included).