Why Pray?

Prayer connects us with God.  It unleashes the potential to change the world starting at our doorstep and reaching to every nation. God invites us to pray- intervening on behalf of an individual, the communities where we live, changing the course of nations, and restraining hostile powers in dimensions we cannot see. His Word, His glory, and His mission are our motivation to strive for unreached peoples to know Him and follow Him. Mandate: Matt 28:18-20

 Who Are We Praying For?

God is moving the nations to our Canadian gateway cities. Many of these have no church, and little access to gospel witness. We pass them everyday, precious souls hidden in plain sight behind walls of strongholds that have been built up through years of misunderstanding and indifference. Join us in praying for these very strategic groups that the Lord has brought to our Global Gateway Cities!

How You Can Make a Difference

Commit to pray 1 minute for 1 group a day! That may sound ludicrous but it only takes 1 spark to ignite a fuse or get a fire burning! You can always change to another people group or increase the time spent in prayer whenever you want. The important thing is to begin today.
Choose a specific Unreached People Group to pray for.
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To see the list of Unreached People Groups please click on the button above.

Connect with us through our prayer coordinator and take a second to let us know which group you have selected to pray for. It’s really important to know if anyone is praying for these specific groups, so we can place focus where needed, and encourage one another that people are praying! “One pebble will make a ripple, but together we will cause waves felt around the world”

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Least-Reached peoples in Toronto

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