Join Us as a Missionary Among Urban Unreached Peoples

Are you ready to explore a longer commitment to sharing Christ with a people group in a particular city? For a sample job description of a Global Gates Canada missionary focused on being the team leader for work among a specific ethnic group in your city, click Here.

You may also consider joining an existing team or contributing to the overall mission through your skills, experience, or available time. Global Gates Canada can help provide administration, vision, networking, training, and coaching.

Please note: we are able to consider applications to serve with Global Gates Canada from only Canadian and USA citizens or residents who live in North America.

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Intern with Global Gates Canada

Global Gates Network of Canada, along with its counterpart Global Gates USA, presently has connections to teams in 20 cities & 7 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. If you are interested in interning with Global Gates Canada, please submit a request.

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